I'm Neil Baldwin, game industry veteran and chipmusic legend*.

I have worked in game audio for over 20 years! I spent the last 10 as Audio Director of a large independent UK developer where I headed a team of composers, sound designers and audio programmers. 

During my time in the industry I have been an audio programmer, sound designer, music composer, editor and Audio Director. Sometimes simultaneously!

As you might imagine, the number of games I have worked on during that time is quite large. If you've got a thing for lists, here is the full history of projects I have been involved in.

If you're looking for a showreel of that old stuff then I'm afraid there isn't one. Frankly it would take up more time and resource than would be useful or interesting! However, there will be a regular feature entitled "Music from:" in the blog which takes a nostalgic look back at past projects. More recent work can be found in the music page.

In 2002, my team was honoured with two G.A.N.G Awards ("Best Interactive Score" and "Best Use of Multi-channel Surround Sound") for our work on "007: Nightfire" (EA Games, XBOX, PS2, Wii). 

In 2010 I was blessed with a 'True Chip Till Death Award' for Best Software in recognition of the NES music software that I develop for free for the chipmusic community. I'm still fairly active in the chipmusic scene but mainly just designing and programming music-making software on the NES in my spare time. You can find it all at NES Audio. Please consider making a donation to my charity page if you find any of it fun or useful.

I'm a guitarist by trade: 30 years, man and boy! Been in a few bands over the years, worked as a session guitarist and can turn my hand to most styles. Did the whole 'metal thing' but the lank hair and sweaty t-shirts are long gone. These days I'm just as likely to be found at the controls of a modular analogue synth as I am with a plectrum and an amp!

I am an Associate Member of the Institute of Engineering And Technology (IET).

* I can't help what people write about me!

What is Marmot Audio?

I hear from so many small and independent developers that are either uninspired by the option of library audio or are intimidated by the prices charged by large audio studios. I created Marmot Audio to try to bridge that gap.

Marmot Audio is a small team of audio professionals united by a common ethos: to provide original high-quality music, sound design and sound effects to smaller, budget conscious developers and studios.

We do this by being as flexible as possible, working with you in a way that will best suit your project budget and timescale. For example:

  • one-off fee with no royalties
  • reduced up-front fee with royalties
  • revenue share
  • skills trade
  • work for free (that doesn't happen often!)

See the services page for exactly what we can offer you or get in touch to tell us about your audio needs and we'll be really glad to help.

What we can't offer you is those enormous, complicated scores. You know the sort: produced at Abbey Road studios with a 100-piece orchestras and hundreds of different tracks. We're just not about that: we think life is complicated and stressful enough. As my friend Mr. Chopin said: "Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art."

Audio Electronics?

Yeah, I know - a software guy meddling with hardware!

I come from a mechanical design/engineering background before all the game stuff came along (you know, back in the days where you could get apprenticeships in those industries!). So that side of things was second-nature to me. Given my extensive experience in audio programming, the process and logic side was always there too. The electronics aspect was the missing part of the triangle.

I started with electronics about 3 years ago after getting into modular synthesisers, teaching myself through theory and circuit-bending stuff. From there I went on to build little project kits (noise makers, boutique synths, guitar pedals etc.) and then things just snowballed and I'm now building modular systems, processors, FX boxes and all sorts of other crazy ideas clients come up with (yes you, Andy!)

See the services page for the range of projects I can help you with and testimonials from previous clients.

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