I've been commissioned by a rather famous client from Norway to build a CGS SWAMP sequencer panel. To those of you familiar with modular and modular DIY this will be old news to you but for those who aren't it's a pretty interesting project.

 Ken's prototype - beautiful!

Ken's prototype - beautiful!

Through a group effort on Muff's Wigglers forum dating back a couple of years now, several Serge-a-like panels and layouts were dreamt up using Ken Stone's CGS (Cat-Girl Synth) DIY circuits. The results are some deeply exciting and esoteric 4U panels.

I'd kind of passed this stuff by as I was firmly in the Eurorack modular camp but as I read more and more about the circuits and the way they've been collected in the one panel, as soon as I'm finished with this one for my client I'm going to be building my own! I have a fetish for 'random' sequencers and this one is packed so full of features that I can see it being immensely fun and creative.

Anyway, my client had sent me the PCBs quite a while ago and to minimise my time (and thus costs) we decided to take a short cut and order parts kits from Elby in Australia. This takes a lot of the leg-work out of component sourcing and as Elby and Ken Stone already have a partnership with their Panther range of euro modules, you can be assured that the parts are going to be spot on.

A huge parcel arrived this morning heralding the start of this really exciting project!


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