This little-known game marked the first project I ever completed that used linear, disc-based audio! Prior to that I'd pretty much worked exclusively on soundtracks that had limited resources and utilised on-board hardware chips or systems such as the N64 which used MIDI files and shared DSP processing to produce audio.

It's interesting for me to listen back to this soundtrack. On the one hand it sounds a little naive and I was definitely guilty of over-compressing a lot of the tracks. On the other hand, I'm still quite proud of a lot of the musical ideas and I think some of it still sounds quite fresh. Well, as fresh as a 16 year-old project can sound!

I was also a bit guilty of being self-indulgent with most of the music. I can't say that much of it bore any relation to the game content (with the exclusion of the 'orchestral' tracks which were written to fit video sequences/intro and perhaps the 'City Streets' track, Level 6). To be honest though, the game itself was pretty dull!

Something else that occurred to me was that there were ZERO software instruments used - there's quite a few samples in there but powerful, usable VSTi simply didn't really exist back then. Funny how I've kind-of come full circle, these days forgoing a lot of software instruments for proper, hands-on hardware! Most of this project was composed on Kurzweil K2500 samplers, Korg 01/W, Sequential Circuits Pro One, SH-101 and a variety of other hardware drum machines and synths.

A few random facts:

- all of the 'scratching' sounds I made using a sample editor, reversing and applying pitch envelopes to 'simulate' DJ scratching. I thought it was clever at the time.

- the 'crow' sounds (as they were once described) on 'Level 4' were actually a sample of Trent Reznor saying 'Burn!' from a NIN song that I can't remember the name of.  That 'Level 4' track is also one of my favourites from this project, simply due to the fact it has a classic sample from 'Al Nafaayish' by Hashim (somewhere around the 2:00 mark).

Anyway, for your listening pleasure: 'Machine Hunter' (PS1, 1997)



'The Machines'


'Level 1'


'Level 2'


'Level 3'


'Level 4'


'Level 5'


'Level 6'


'Level 7'


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