Finished my first Mutable Instruments 'Ambika' for a client today.

As always, Mutable Instruments builds are an absolute pleasure to work on: logical design, high quality boards and well laid out.

Having built several other Mutable Instruments synths, much of the design choices were familiar and it made the process quite painless. However, with 6 voice cards (essentially you're building 6 Shruthis PLUS the main controller board!) it is a LOT of work.

As a side note: the Ambika is a stunning synth. It's quite astonishing what Olivier can produce as, essentially, a one-man outfit. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next now that he's focusing less on the DIY side of his business. By that I mean he no longer offers built instruments for sale -  which is how I ended up as a Mutable Instruments 'Trusted Builder' (see the services page for prices and details).

Great build and my client, Jeremie, was over the moon with the results - job done!

2013-02-07 09.31.35.jpg
2013-02-09 18.39.20.jpg

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Published on by Neil Baldwin.