OK so I have a couple of these wonderful tube VCAs currently in 'kit form' which I'll either sell as kits for slightly less than I paid for them, or more interestingly I'll build them for you and you can just plug them in and go! 

The 'kits' comprise the PCB, two aluminium faceplates (front/back), the tube and a few SMD parts already soldered onto the boards. 

I'm selling the two kits at 55 EUR each, including postage . If you buy both I'll do a combined price of 100 EUR

I'll sell the built module for 175 EUR each, including postage, which is 25 EUR each cheaper than if you buy them direct from L-1. If you buy both I'll do a combined price of 350 EUR, which is a further 25 EUR saving!

Red knobs are for illustrative purposes only. I don't actually have any to use for these yet so you can even influence the design of your module! 

You can read more about them and listen to sound samples at L-1's website.

These really are super smart VCAs. As well as functioning like a VCA (of course!) they can also do wave-shaping and timbral gate due to the fact that they're driving ACTUAL TUBES!

I bought the parts to build them a while back but I've since sold my Euromodular. I was hanging onto them to build into another format but I've decided that would be too much work and I'd be wasting those lovely faceplates. 

First come, first served! 



diy modular vca tube for sale

Published on by Neil Baldwin.