Another client project done, this time the now legendary GSSL Type 4000 mix-bus compressor! 

I'll just let the pictures do the talking because it is FAR too hot today to be sat in the workshop!

I'm hitting the deckchair with a cold beer and my well-thumbed copy of The Wasp Factory. The sad passing of Iain Banks last week reminded me that many of my favourite novels were written by him. The Wasp Factory, while perhaps not his best work (though arguably his most famous) is such a heady mix of the blackest comedy and a magical, twisted world inhabited by loveable high-contrast characters and still manages to provocatively tweak your morals. Rest in peace sir, the world is poorer for losing you.


Next up on my desk: three custom matrix mixers! Yes, THREE! And a couple of projects for my good friend Phil Julian. And I really ought to finish off that MB6582 for Andy (he's so patient but I look after him!). And price up another one!

Oh and I've got some dark, french accordion music to score for an up-coming iOS project!

Life is varied if nothing else! - cheers!


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