This started out as a little self-imposed challenge. On the back of some forums posts over on Elektron User in which people seemed to be struggling getting C64-like sounds (specifically drum sounds) I thought I'd indulge and see if I could manage something at least half-convincing.

OK, so I'm well aware of the futility of this and I'm just as likely to frown on someone trying to create 'chip sounds' on modern equipment but it seemed like a fun thing to try.

As a result I put together a quick demo on the Analog 4 which seemed to be quite popular (it's possibly my highest played track on Soundcloud this year!) even though it was me just (badly) playing the A4 live over a couple of programmed backing patterns.

I've had loads of requests for the sounds themselves so I'm making them available here for free with a couple of caveats. One: if you like the sounds and find them useful please consider making a donation to my charity page. Two: please give me credit and/or link to this blog post rather than hosting or emailing the file. They are of course only requests, you're free to do as you like but it's nice to be nice!

Download Analog 4 SID sounds

c64 chip Elektron Analog 4 sounds free

Published on by Neil Baldwin.