The Shruthi XT is a larger, more sophisticated and better looking sibling to the original Shruthi. It has the same digital-analogue hybrid synthesis and the same ability to use the various Mutable Instruments filter boards (SVF, SMR4, 4P etc.) but it's been given an unbelievable boost.

The new Shruthi firmware includes support for larger control surfaces,  CC transmission, MIDI clock transmission and divider, a new latch/hold function and expanded control destinations for the modulation matrix.

The gorgeous new case design and expanded control surface makes the Shruthi XT an incredible evolution to the original instrument.

As a Mutable Instruments trusted builder I'm now offering these as a complete build for 650 EUR including all parts, filter board, building, testing and delivery.

Please get in touch if you want to expand your sonic arsenal with this incredibly exciting new synth.


Published on by Neil Baldwin.