Few new projects out of the door: couple of Metasonix D1000s with resonance and roll speed modifications; a 4 x 4 matrix mixer with 1/4 inch and 3,5mm jacks (that was a tricky one to fit!) and a Mutable Instruments Ambika with 2 Tubeohm Transistor Ladder filter boards and a metal case!

2014-02-17 21.16.05.jpg
2014-02-17 21.16.37.jpg
2014-02-17 21.16.52.jpg

Got some really interesting projects coming up too, including: a 4 panel Serge clone modular (4 panel!!!), a Shruthi XT, a MIDIBox Sequencer, a Klee sequencer a Xoxbox (two actually, one that's poorly and one that needs building!) and a TTSH (Arp 2600 clone designed by The Human Comparator in Sweden). Yep, I've got a VERY busy couple of months coming up!

ambika metal metasonix matrix mixer TTSH Serge Xoxbox Klee MIDIBox Shruthi

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