Couple more jobs out of the door this week. Another matrix mixer:

2014-03-15 20.15.48.jpg

And a Klee sequencer for euro-format modular:

The Klee was an awesome thing to build. The only problem I had was that I no longer have a euro-rack modular so I had absolutely nothing to test it with. I could send a clock to it from my Analog 4 but that's about it. Always resourceful I quickly put together a wavetable oscillator that I had the PCBs for (Frequency Central Waverider, if you're curious) which was perfect for testing purposes.

Had a really odd fault with the analogue side of the Klee. The digital side was working perfectly (the sequencing and gate/trigger outputs) but the voltages coming from the CV outputs was totally wrong. Tracked it down to a 5V regulator that was getting stupidly hot (and therefore shutting down). It all pointed to a short between the 5V rail and ground (pulling too much current through the regulator) but for the life of me I could not see where the problem was. It was only when I desoldered the regulator that I found the microscopic bridge between the output and common pads - not often you get a short on the component side!

Anyway, an easy fix and then the CV outputs were behaving themselves. Another chunk of time on the output calibration and it was good to go. The client kindly let me hang onto it for a few days to have a play (which, for something complex like this, is always handy to catch those type of rare issues that only show their heads during 'normal' use. The Klee is superb fun, very interactive, playable and surprising - almost made me wish I had a euro modular again!

Next up: MIDIBox Seq V4!


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