Quite a few sets of Elektron stands to post out this weekend. Apologies again to those people who have been waiting a while for these - back on track again with production and a much wider range of acrylic colours available in both 3mm and 5mm now. I'll be updating the Elektron stands page to reflect this. Soon!

Also trialling some new packaging ideas. Last week I had two sets that ended up getting broken in the post - considering how many I've sold I think I've only ever had 4 broken sets but still, it costs me time, money and understanding from clients. I'm pretty confident in my new packaging: it involves the stands being gently but firmly sandwiched between two 25mm sheets of polystyrene. It costs me a little more in posting costs but it will be worth it if I can rely on them getting to the client intact!

Oh and black still seems to be the most popular colour according to my acrylic graph - ha ha!

Elektron Octatrack Analog 4 Machinedrum Monomachine End cheeks stands acrylic

Published on by Neil Baldwin.