Been investigating some custom design solutions for the MIDIBox Seq I'll be building shortly.

Here's a prototype box. Not the real design, just testing - excuse the rather garish colours and baffling layout/graphics!

And yes, I know there's no sides on the box yet - they're made but I just need to glue the acrylic together. The body of the box is 5mm bonded acrylic with the top panel being printed aluminium composite. It's incredibly sturdy and the finish is superb.

I'm really pleased how it's turned out. I'm even more pleased with the cost!

2014-04-05 13.07.17.jpg

It's also very scalable - currently I'd be able to produce a 600mm x 300mm panel/enclosure in the same way. The prototype is 150mm x 100mm.

sdiy enclosure acrylic case box aluminium panel

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