Put the finished box together this morning. Very happy with the results!

As I said in the previous post, the 4 sides and bottom of the case are made from 5mm acrylic which has been bonded together. Damn, that Tensol adhesive is good. I glued together two test pieces of acrylic at a right-angle and let it set over night. This morning I tried to break the two pieces apart with my hands but failed! I've tried super glue before for this kind of thing but obviously nothing beats the proper stuff.

This gives me a super-rigid base which then has the aluminium composite panel screwed to it via several threaded spacers. The whole thing feels absolutely rock solid and has the benefit of an easily removable front surface.

The place I got the aluminium printing done will only cut rectangles (to your specified size) so I had to do the drilling on my drill press. It's very easy stuff to work with though.

Next step is to figure out how to do rectangular cut-outs for LCD/LED displays etc.

For a bit of fun I wired up the three LEDs on the test box to the switches and a 9V battery. It's a useful exercise though as I've got 3 different types of LED in there: 5mm 'domed' shape, a 3mm dome shape and a 3mm cylindrical shape - I wanted to see which looks the best when they're illuminated. I quite like the subtlety of the yellow one actually. The super-brights are, as usual, too bright!

sdiy panel enclosure acrylic aluminium case prototype

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