What's better than a Monotribe? A Monotribe with built-in, controllable distortion? Oh yes!



I thought I'd share the results of a couple of days playing around with my Monotribe. I'd already MIDI-fied it via Daren Ager's fantastic MIDI mod but I also wondered if it would be possible to beef up the sound with a bit of distortion. I already had a PCB of Hexinverter's Battery Acid, MXR-style distortion circuit and as it's such a compact little board it seemed an obvious place to start.

I added an extra 'hot' output on the rear of the Monotribe. On the side I added controls for input gain, distortion amount and output gain, all of which give you a fair amount of control over the character of the sound. There's also a switch so you can route either the synth or the drums through the distortion circuit. The Battery Acid board is powered from a 5V feed from the Monotribe and will work on both battery or PSU power.

The only place I could really fit the board was where the internal speaker is so, well,  I now no longer have a speaker!

Have a listen! OK, so not quite 'Devil Fish' but it doesn't half liven up the little 'tribe!

The start of the video is the sound with the input/distortion/output controls all turned down so it sounds like the original output. Apologies for the rather poor 'acid' bassline - it's sequenced by the Octatrack so doesn't really have any fancy flourishes.

Korg monotribe mod distortion devil fish

Published on by Neil Baldwin.