Another fantastic little project going out of the door today.

The Ekdahl Moisturizer is already a devastating processing box: overdriven filter, spring reverb (exposed so that you can 'play' the springs) and a ton of external modulation. It kind-of defies description but it make a tremendous noise!

There's a well-known list of modifications published by Karl Ekdahl (the designer and maker of the Moisturizer, amongst other things) and I was asked by a client to perform all of the mods to his unit.

It was quite a challenge and some real "I'm sure I shouldn't be doing this" moments (desoldering and bending single legs of ICs anyone?!) but we got there in the end. Now the Moisturizer has a ton of extra input gain, should you need it; a resonance boost, switchable LFO speeds, internal feedback and the ability to switch the filter pre/post the spring unit.

All in it transforms the Moisturizer into a very different beast!

Ekdahl moisturizer moisturiser modification Knas spring reverb

Published on by Neil Baldwin.