Plenty going on at the moment but I thought this one was worth a mention.

It's a Ciat Lonbarde 'Rollz-5' of course!

Based on Peter Blasser's original paper circuits for the Rollz-5 'drum machine', the über talented Meng Qi designed and produced a single PCB and kit to bring Ciat Lonbarde to the masses. So to speak.

What is it? Peter explains it best (from his website):

"The focus is a collection of modules called “Rollz-5”, which creates organic rhythms out of geometrical forms. A future direction is to create electronic sound devices based on the platonic solids and other 3-D topographies."

Clear now? Good. So what you do is patch the life out of it, a bit like this:

And then it makes beautiful, organic, mathematically chaotic music like this:

In terms of building this, the hardest part I think was actually understanding what it does. In fact to be honest, I'm still not sure but I spent enough time with it to understand how to manipulate it enough to suggest the kind of sounds I'd like it to make. The rest is up the the mathematical madness that drives it.

I fell in love with it completely and will be incredibly sad when it wings it's way to the client tomorrow.

Also sent this off to it's lucky owner in Brooklyn, New York today. Another matrix mixer but the colour scheme is just so damned gorgeous (though personally I'd have had all red knobs, like cherry ice-cream!)

Oh, one more thing! As if I'm not busy enough, I've also started brewing my own beer! It's so ridiculously addictive!

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Published on by Neil Baldwin.