February is the month of love!

We all love synths, right? And we all love modular. We love all of the esoteric and exotic modules that are available as DIY kits. But we don’t always have the time for DIY, it gets in the way of music-making and sometimes it can be a stressful undertaking when things don’t quite go to plan. On the other hand, paying a professional experienced builder can be an expensive endeavour.

So, let me spread a little love for February!

For one month from February 1st I will build any of the Thonk Euro kits listed below for £50 GBP*. Built, tested, calibrated (where necessary) and delivered to your door. No catch, no hidden costs and all built modules carry my standard 12 month workmanship warranty.

  • Any Music Thing full Euro kits*
  • Any Random Source full Euro kits
  • Any Rebel Technology full Euro kits
  • Any Befaco full Euro kits
  • God’s Box ‘Humpback’ kit

(*Please note, with the Music Thing Turing Machine, £50 is for building the main module. Expansion modules are an extra £25 each to build.)

A Few Terms and Conditions:

I can either order the kit for you or if you’ve already purchased it (and have not tried to build any of it yourself) then you can send it to me and I’ll build it for you.

If you need me to buy the kit, the price you will pay will be the current Thonk price as listed on their website at the time of ordering, including all taxes and delivery, plus £50 GBP.

Everything subject to availability though I will honour any orders placed in February and will complete the build once the kits are back in stock.

Orders must be secured with 50% of the total cost upfront unless you are providing me with the kit in which case I will require payment of the building fee on completion prior to shipping.

I may expand the range of modules included in this offer. I'm still evaluating others.

I reserve the right to remove this offer or any of the products listed in this offer.

Contact me through the Marmot Audio website via email at info@marmotaudio.co.uk or via my Facebook page


Published on by Neil Baldwin.