Awesome People

People we love. Either for what they do, what they make or for just being generally amazing.

A bit like an Oscars speech, we've probably forgot a few people. Please don't be offended if we know you and you didn't make the list, it's most likely just an admin error. 


Audio Hardware and Software

Ableton - creators of Live and the Push controller (do I get mine sooner for the plug?) 
Cycling '74 - authors of Max4Live, Jitter, Soundflower etc.
Elektron - makers of the Monomachine, Machinedrum, Octatrack and Analog 4
Gotharman - Flemming Christensen, mad Danish inventor, father of the Little deFormer

Musicians, Artists and Creative Types

 Muffwigglers - modular discussion and so much more!
Elektron Users - unofficial forum for Elektron, great resource for learning and help

Threads, Ribbons and Buttons*

Bits Box - great little UK shop for all those emergency capacitor needs (and more!)
EMIS Music - Andy is the sole UK supplier of Doepfer products and he's a good man.
Doctor Tweek - a guitar-pedal builder's heaven, all your stomp-box needs and more.

 *as my wife hilariously refers to electronic components...


Nav's Modular Lab - Nav's awesome blog: modular and more!
John Sayer's Studio Design Forum - massive amount of information and advice for studio building. 
Razorlab - laser-cut acrylics in the UK.
Schaeffer - manufacturers of machined aluminium panels.
Laurentide Synthworks - Adam is based in the US and builds audio electronics a bit like wot I do. Anyone looking for an experienced audio builder on the wrong side of the Atlantic should check him out.