A selection of more up-to-date tracks. I'll change these around from time to time.

Some of these are from competed projects or projects in development. Many of the original compositions may be available for licensing. Absolutely none of these tracks can be used without my permission either commercially or non-commercially. Please use the contact page for any enquiries.

If you want to check out audio from older game projects, a full history of of titles can be found here. There's far too many for me to include on the website. Fortunately there is a wealth of that stuff that has been uploaded to YouTube.

'Here Comes The Storm'


'Hysteresis' (Closing Credits Theme, edit) (c) Three Shoes Films, 2013

'Blue, Red'


'Caution Horses'


'Blunt Blade'


'Closing Ceremony'






'Hay Fore'




'Ice Cream (Van Mix)'






'Layers of Green'




'One Nine Eight Nine'


'Only Travel If Absolutely Necessary'






'Simi Valley'




'Sometimes You Don't See It Coming'


'Sweaty Hot Robot'


'The Fox and the Lark'




'Trust Us, We Are Sincere'


'Warm For the Time of Year'