Music and Sound Design

Whatever your project: game, animation, film, TV, corporate video, website - Marmot Audio offer a complete range of audio services. 


Composition, recording, remixing, mastering, editing: if your project needs music then get in touch. We are experienced in a huge variety of styles and genres and are used to working on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Sound Design

We are also highly experienced sound designers and sound editors. We can provide custom designed sound effects for your projects, from synthetic bleeps to location recording, foley and everything in between.


We can provide casting, recording and editing of dialogue and voice-overs for your project. For smaller jobs we record here in the studio. Bigger projects with many lines and specific casting requirements need outside help so we work with local and national talent agencies.

(If you're a voice artist and are reading this, we're always looking for new people for our repertoire so get in touch.) 

Technical Consultation

As well as the creative aspects of music and sound design we can also offer technical advice or consultation. If you are confused by, or struggling with, the audio implementation or tools for your project, drop us a line and we'll do our best to help.

Custom Audio Electronics

Marmot Audio offer a variety of services for music electronics and DIY.  Examples of completed builds and projects can be found on the galleries page.

Normal rates for this work is £20 (GBP) per hour. All build projects come with a 12 months workmanship warranty.  Repairs for faults or problems due to client/operator misuse or error will be charged at our hourly rates.

I've built a wide variety of projects from guitar pedals to boutique synths, from audio processors to modular systems and plenty of stuff in-between.

I'm currently building a CGS SWAMP analogue sequencer. You can read the build progress in the Marmot Audio blog.

2013-03-29 17.01.png
2013-03-28 19.22.png

Mutable Instruments

I am one of Mutable Instruments' trusted builders. Mutable Instruments create kits for their Shruthi, Anushri and Ambika instruments. If you want one of these amazing synths then you either build one yourself or pay me to build it for you! The cost is very reasonable and I have fixed prices which includes all parts and components:

  • Shruthi XT: 650 EUR for standard unit
  • Shruthi: 300 EUR for a standard unit
  • Shruthi Special Editions: 350-400 EUR
  • Anushri: 400 EUR
  • Ambika: 1000 EUR for a fully-loaded (6 voice cards), less if you have less voice cards

I can also offer custom acrylic cases for all of the Mutable Instruments synth. The cost is dependent on the level of customisation and the required material/non-standard hardware.


Modular Synth

One of the great things about modular is the sheer variety of awesome DIY boards that are available to build.

I have built many, many Eurorack modules and even designed and built my own acrylic case-system and power supplies. I've also designed several Eurorack panels. Prices vary depending on complexity. See the gallery page for a selection of past projects.

We generally charge a flat fee of 20 GBP per hour for this type of work. Many PCBs can be completed within a few hours but of course it depends on the complexity of the module.

Custom Acrylics

I offer a design service for building instrument panels, stands and cases from laser cut acrylic.

I have a range of 'end cheeks' (desktop stands) for Elektron's Monomachine, Machinedrum, Octatrack and Analog 4. I offer 2-tier or 3-tier stands made from sturdy 5mm acrylic which have dual configuration i.e. tall or shallow and accommodate the air vents on the new Analog 4. I can also customise them to give you the angles/features you want.

For more information regarding the size and type of colours available see the Elektron Stands page.

You can check out further examples of built projects on the gallery page.