Marmot Audio Shop

Just a random selection of stuff both physical and digital that I sell for a small profit to help with admin costs etc.  

Digital Goods: As a general rule, any digital content in the shop I accept PayPal payment for and will email your purchase to you via the email you make the PayPal payment with.

All of my NES audio software is perpetually in development with no schedule or promise of new features. I do my best to release bug-free software but the occasional one slips through. You're always welcome to report bugs and suggest features, I give priority to bugs of course and still actively maintain all of the software (including the free stuff over at NES Audio )

Please note: to use my NES software on an actual NES console you need a development cartridge such as the Powerpak or Everdrive N8. Alternatively, and simpler (and free), you can use a NES emulator. I recommend using Nestopia (Win / OSX) - mainly because that's what I use for development.  Some adventurous people have in the past burned the ROMs onto 'donor' cartridges. If you don't know what any of that means, stick to an emulator.

Physical Goods: Orders for t-shirts etc. are fulfilled by external companies so any problems or complaints about those should be directed to the individual vendor. Of course, if you have problems with any of this stuff then I would like to hear about it so that I can maintain a set of suppliers with integrity and good customer service.



Birthday, anniversary, graduation or bar mitzvah: any of these celebrations can be further enhanced with a Marmot Audio t-shirt, hoodie or mug. Buy your mum one, it'll remind her of me.


Products are printed and supplied by Cotton Cart and are available in a huge variety of colour configurations and sizes. Orders can be shipped worldwide and the prices are seriously good! Visit my Cotton Cart shop right now. Stop reading, go! Marmot Audio @ Cotton Cart

A note on sizing: I ordered a Large men's t-shirt to check the quality and sizing and I'd say that they are very slightly smaller than average sizes. I'm about 42" chest and the L fits comfortably but with not much wriggle room. If in doubt I'd order a size larger than you would normally.


My latest creation under the Duty Cycle Generator umbrella - 'droNES' 

'droNES' is a 3-voice software synth that runs on a NES console (or emulator) which is aimed at live performance of drone/noise. It features crude (and noisy) AM and FM and a simple but creative 3-track step sequencer to modulate the synthesis parameters. 

Note: you need a NES console (in combination with a development cartridge such as PowerPak) or NES emulator to run the software. Full instructions included. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 16.23.09.png

droNES ROM V1.0: £2.50 (digital delivery)

The ROM and instructions will be sent to the email address used to make the payment. Of course you could just get a copy from a friend but buying the ROM gets you free updates for life and promotes continued development.