A few kind words from some previous clients.

Neil Baldwin from Marmot Audio did a fantastic job in modding my Metasonix D1000 tube drum machine. The D1000 became a totally new, much better instrument. The mods were made perfectly and the modded D1000 looks, works, and sounds great!

Also the contact with Neil has been very friendly and his advice was very helpful. All in all: Top-notch service, highly recommended!
— Weinglas, Germany
I have had a couple of jobs done by Neil at Marmot Audio, I can’t recommend him highly enough. Not only does he do things when he say’s he will but his rates are competitive and his work is first class. He also works with you and acts as both consultant and engineer a superb service.

Only thing that seemed odd was his insistence that I send him photos of myself naked, he assured me this was normal practice and it helped him match the transistors to my body shape thus improving the electrical field reducing noise and improving clarity. Who am I to argue, he’s the expert.
— Dan_P (Disposable Sound)
Gear lust for a Shruthi XT was held in check only by my incompetence with a solder iron until I remembered that Neil was one of Mutable Instruments recommended builders. I knew of his good reputation already from people I trust on Muff’s forum so had no hesitation in asking him to build me one.

He was as good as his reputation suggests; clear communication, fair pricing, quick turnaround and precise, clean work. Good packaging for delivery too. I am delighted with the synth and am more than happy to join the long list of people who recommend Neil for the quality of the work and the service he provides. Great stuff!
— Mark, UK
A Mutable Instruments synth had been on my mind for a while and the Shruthi XT had just been released. The timing was right, but I still needed to find someone to build it for me.

After some research, I ended up on Neil’s webpage. It conveyed professionalism, experience, and a passionate investment in the things he builds.

I decided to contact him and could not be happier with my decision. The looks of the website were not deceiving. Communication was smooth throughout the process and the finished product is a thing of beauty.

I highly recommend his services.
— Edward, Scotland
My Klee sequencer arrived safe and sound and as far as I can tell so far is fully functional - it is rather unpredictable so at the moment I can only assume it is doing what it is supposed to! (Neil: that’s normal!)

The build looks great. I am suitably impressed and would be happy to recommend and make use of your services again!

I am still waiting on the TTSH boards but once I have all the bits for that I will look you up again. Thanks again!
— Jack, UK
First off, i’d like to thank you for the most straight forward reply i’ve ever got from someone who builds this type of thing.

I’ve had an excellent experience dealing with Marmot Audio, your communication and general manner was bang on. The product was of a very high quality and very reasonably priced. I will definitely be getting more stuff made by you. Lovely stuff!
— Ed, London
“I was looking for a eurorack breakout box for the Cirklon and stumbled across the mini one that Neil designed. It was so much better than the one provided by Sequentix as it had a much small footprint but being a homebrew project I didn’t like my luck of getting hold of one.

I sent Neil an email about whether there was any chance of getting hold of one. He couldn’t have been more friendly, and offered to make me one.

So for under half the price of the Sequentix one and with a very quick turn around time, I now have a top notch BOB for the Cirklon.

I couldn’t recommend using Neil’s Services more!! “
— Grant, Australia
Neil built a CGS SWAMP analog sequencer for me, to use with my Serge modular synthesizer. The result was stunning!

Neil is extremely committed and enthusiastic about his work, and he won’t give up until every detail is right.

I was very happy about the results of our project, so much that he’s now building another panel for me.

Neil is friendly, flexible and great to work with. I can highly recommend commissioning work from him.
— Nils, Norway
I was looking to get an Ambika as soon as it was announced but I had to find someone to make it for me. Based on the recommendations by Olivier Gillet from Mutable Instruments, I contacted Neil off the official “trusted builders” list.

Neil responded within just a couple of hours and from then on it just felt like a pleasant sustained conversation. I never had to wait longer than a day to get an answer from him, which to me is essential in such business. He stated right away when he would be able to start and how long it would take, then stayed true to the schedule all along, despite the considerable amount of assembly work involved in building a 6 voice synthesizer.

As soon as he started, I could count on regular, spontaneous and enthusiastic email updates nearly every other day, with photographs, much more than I would have actually hoped for. If a problem occurred or a decision had to be made during the build, or if he thought of an option I didn’t think of, he would clearly present me with every possible choice before going on, at no additional charge in the end.

The build quality of the finished Ambika is stellar, even the packaging seemed professional. It’s definitely the best customer experience I’ve had for this kind of thing. I highly recommend him!
— Jeremie, France
Neil’s work on my Soundskulptor Stereo Tape Simulator was second to none; not only did he do a fantastic job of building the PCB, designing the frontpanel and sourcing additional parts, he also met my tight-fisted budgetary needs! A top build, and a bloody nice bloke to boot!
— Andy, Derbyshire
Neil is a great guy to deal with, he skillfully diagnosed and fixed an issue I had and provided excellent communication throughout. His work is of the highest quality and his attention to detail is second to none. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Matt, UK
I would just like to say what a fantastic job you have done with my custom made Anushri build.

The service you have provided has been very professional, keeping me updated on a daily basis with the progress of the project.

I would highly recommend you to anyone considering having a build done for them, as the end results are perfect!
— Paul, Sheffield
I use the Analogue Systems RS-110 Multifilter but the faceplate was quite worn and the dimensions rather bulky... Neil made me one of his splendid Eurorack-friendly replacement faceplates which made things much neater/easier all round. The quality of Neil’s bespoke workmanship is great. Very helpful, a quick turnaround and a pleasure to deal with.
— Phil Julian (cheapmachines), UK
Bought a faceplate from Neil and it was exactly as described. Good communication and fast turnaround. Thoroughly recommended
— Calum, Glasgow
Neil made me a great alternate faceplate for one of my Euro rack modules, it saves me some space in my rack and looks very smart. He’s always friendly to deal with and I would definitely use his services again.
— Mat Robertson
Any chance you might come out of the studio this week? I’ve almost forgotten I’m married...
— Wife, other side of the studio door...